31 October 2016

I Know Nothing

Well as most of you can tell I made it to Madagascar! It is freaking insane here! I see a ton of stuff that you would never see in America. (I wanna apologize now for spelling errors because I am trying to type on some weird keyboard.) But yeah the flight was good but way long! Im going to have jet lag for the next year but it'll be alright. 

This place is soon weird.  Like people just let their cows roam everywhere, people pee wherever they want, there are naked people everywhere. Wow what a place! 

I don't understand what anyone is saying which sucks sooo bad haha. I'm serving in an area called Ambositra. Me and my companion, Elder Olsen, are re-opening it after it has been empty for over a year. It is a way cool opportunity but it is super hard. We still don't have any progressing investigators because we haven't been able to tract really cause we've been talking with members trying to figure out what the area is like. It has been pretty discouraging but things will get better. 

The language is way hard haha. I still can't understand what anyone is saying which is super stressful. Other than that everything is going Way well. The people are super nice and we are like the only white peoople in the whole city so people always call us vazahs which is just foreigner. So yeah not much to talk about this week.  I'll have a lot more next time.

[A note from Hayden's Grandmother:  Hayden's Mission President's wife, Sister Foote, posted lots of photos.  I thought you might be interested in the following photos of a baptism in Madagascar.]

[If you are interested you can follow her on Instagram.]


  1. Sounds like culture shock for sure!! I can't even imagine what it must be like adjusting to such a different place. Exciting that you get to re-open an area though. Slow and steady wins the race!

  2. The first few months are the hardest. Then it's just normal hard from there.