30 January 2017


Well to kick things off I've been sick litterally all week. Yesterday was the first day that I was able to get back to work. Apparently I got like a stomache infection or something. Anyways it's all better now so don't worry. 

Well apparently the Internet got cut in the whole country of Madagascar for the major Internet provider which is Telma. Fort Dauphin mostly uses Orange though so it's all chill.  Don't worry, we still have Internet. 

This week the branches were split down here so we now have three branches which is super cool. Seeing the growth of the Church is amazing. We had a district conference yesterday with about 350 people that came. It's pretty crazy that in a small city like Fort D there's able to be such a big group of such strong saints. 

Other than that, just another uneventful week. Sorry about that but I'm not sick anymore so hopefully things'll pick up again. 

Love you all.

23 January 2017

It's Hot

Well I made it to my new area on Tuesday. It felt weird getting on a plane haha. The airport was the most first world place I've seen in 4 months. My new companion's name is Elder Lebereko. He's from South Africa. There's a little bit of a culture difference, but it's all good. 

Fort Dauphin is super pretty, but super hot. The work goes wayyy well here though. Last year they had 106 baptisms in this small city of probably 15,000 people (no one here knows how many people there are anywhere cause they haven't had a cencus ever). There are six missionaries and two branches, but next week they're splitting one of the branches here.  

I've been pretty sick the last few days just cause of Madagascar food. So I haven't really been able to teach that much here, but the people seem awesome. Shout out to Chris for getting a baptism. Sorry for the short letter this week. Next week I'll have more stories to share, but this week I spent most of it at home. SORRY! 

Love you all

16 January 2017


Well to kick things off this week WE HAD A EARTHQUAKE. It was pretty nuts cause it happened at 1:00 in the morning and woke us up. It was like shaking our beds and stuff so that was pretty intense. A few members' houses got a little cracked but that's everything that happened in Ambositra. A few people died like 100 km outside of Ambositra so that's pretty sketchy. It was way sad. Everyone was freaking out cause like no one has ever felt an earthquake before. 

I also wanna tell you all a story of a black market painting transaction that went down. We were sitting in a restaurant and we see this cool picture so we ask how much it is and the lady says 400000 AR which is like 120 American bucks. We said we'd pay 100000 for it. She went and asked the owner and the owner said it was a no go. Like five minutes later the lady comes and waves us into a back room where she says she'll sell it to us for 10000. She tells us to meet her at the church at 3:00 and we say we can't but we'll meet her there at 7:00. She then says we can't tell anyone about it. Well we get to the church at 7:00 and she's like trying to climb over the wall to see if anyone's in there and she starts coming towards us. We give her the money and she gives us the picture. She says that the owner's son grabbed the painting off the wall and gave it to her so the owner doesn't know. She then says "Don't tell anyone or I'm gonna go to jail." Well she took the money and started booking it down the road. That's my black market painting story. 

Anyways we had seven baptisms in Anjoma this week so that was way cool. It was way cool cause they don't have a baptismal font so we had to do the baptisms in a river. It was a 8 KM or 5 mile hike up to the river so it took us about an hour. It was SOOO cool. 

Right now I'm in Tana for transfers. I'm going to a city called Fort Dauphin. If you wanna see heaven on earth look it up online. Seriously it's the coolest place in Madagascar you can go and everyone wants to go. My new companion's name is Elder Lebereko. He's from South Africa. I still haven't met him yet cause I'm catching a plane tomorrow at 12:00. 

Anyways that's it for this week. 

Love you all

09 January 2017

So Far Gone

Well I got the news this week that I'd be heading out of Ambositra. Kind of sad but it's all good cause we get to do 8 baptisms on Saturday in Amjoma. I'm gonna miss this place, but it'll be so nice to finally be done with training and stuff. We've been training Elder Bassett here cause me and Elder Olsen are leaving so we're training Elder Bassett on the area. 

Not much has been going on here everything is going pretty good. Party never stops here so everyone is still a little tipsy, but it's starting to settle down a little. Nothing new really.  We've dropped a ton of investigators who just weren't progressing well, so we're starting to tract again. Hopefully there'll be more to talk about next week. 

Love you all.

02 January 2017

New Year Boozinn

Well new year new me. Not much happened this week and the electric company here is going to shut down the power soon so I have to keep it short. First off everyone here is DRUNK. Apparently all they do here for new years is drink so the work never goes here during new years. We went and tried to teach lessons and everyone was drunk so we just went to a members and had dinner haha.

We taught a lesson yesterday that was really awesome. It was to a guy named Justa. To start off he invited a friend to come learn with us so score. Then while we were teaching he kept sharing really cool insights. The first one is the story of a philsopher who was trying to figure out our relationship to the kingdom of God. He was on the beach walking and he ran into a little kid who was digging a hole and he asked him what he was doing. The little kid said that he was trying to fit the ocean into the hole. The philospher relates that to the kingdom of God. All of us are trying to dig a hole and fit the entire kingdom of God into it. It was awesome cause after he shared that we just told him that no one will be able to fit the whole ocean into a hole. But what we can do is help make your hole bigger and help you understand more of who God really is. It was a way cool lesson and he was super stoked to learn more. He's the guard of a prison and he invited us to go teach the inmates there. 

Anyways that's about it for this week. 

Love you all and Happy New Years