02 January 2017

New Year Boozinn

Well new year new me. Not much happened this week and the electric company here is going to shut down the power soon so I have to keep it short. First off everyone here is DRUNK. Apparently all they do here for new years is drink so the work never goes here during new years. We went and tried to teach lessons and everyone was drunk so we just went to a members and had dinner haha.

We taught a lesson yesterday that was really awesome. It was to a guy named Justa. To start off he invited a friend to come learn with us so score. Then while we were teaching he kept sharing really cool insights. The first one is the story of a philsopher who was trying to figure out our relationship to the kingdom of God. He was on the beach walking and he ran into a little kid who was digging a hole and he asked him what he was doing. The little kid said that he was trying to fit the ocean into the hole. The philospher relates that to the kingdom of God. All of us are trying to dig a hole and fit the entire kingdom of God into it. It was awesome cause after he shared that we just told him that no one will be able to fit the whole ocean into a hole. But what we can do is help make your hole bigger and help you understand more of who God really is. It was a way cool lesson and he was super stoked to learn more. He's the guard of a prison and he invited us to go teach the inmates there. 

Anyways that's about it for this week. 

Love you all and Happy New Years

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