23 January 2017

It's Hot

Well I made it to my new area on Tuesday. It felt weird getting on a plane haha. The airport was the most first world place I've seen in 4 months. My new companion's name is Elder Lebereko. He's from South Africa. There's a little bit of a culture difference, but it's all good. 

Fort Dauphin is super pretty, but super hot. The work goes wayyy well here though. Last year they had 106 baptisms in this small city of probably 15,000 people (no one here knows how many people there are anywhere cause they haven't had a cencus ever). There are six missionaries and two branches, but next week they're splitting one of the branches here.  

I've been pretty sick the last few days just cause of Madagascar food. So I haven't really been able to teach that much here, but the people seem awesome. Shout out to Chris for getting a baptism. Sorry for the short letter this week. Next week I'll have more stories to share, but this week I spent most of it at home. SORRY! 

Love you all

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  1. So sorry you're sick :-( Sounds like a rough week. I hope you learn to love your companion and that you get well quickly. Love you.