16 January 2017


Well to kick things off this week WE HAD A EARTHQUAKE. It was pretty nuts cause it happened at 1:00 in the morning and woke us up. It was like shaking our beds and stuff so that was pretty intense. A few members' houses got a little cracked but that's everything that happened in Ambositra. A few people died like 100 km outside of Ambositra so that's pretty sketchy. It was way sad. Everyone was freaking out cause like no one has ever felt an earthquake before. 

I also wanna tell you all a story of a black market painting transaction that went down. We were sitting in a restaurant and we see this cool picture so we ask how much it is and the lady says 400000 AR which is like 120 American bucks. We said we'd pay 100000 for it. She went and asked the owner and the owner said it was a no go. Like five minutes later the lady comes and waves us into a back room where she says she'll sell it to us for 10000. She tells us to meet her at the church at 3:00 and we say we can't but we'll meet her there at 7:00. She then says we can't tell anyone about it. Well we get to the church at 7:00 and she's like trying to climb over the wall to see if anyone's in there and she starts coming towards us. We give her the money and she gives us the picture. She says that the owner's son grabbed the painting off the wall and gave it to her so the owner doesn't know. She then says "Don't tell anyone or I'm gonna go to jail." Well she took the money and started booking it down the road. That's my black market painting story. 

Anyways we had seven baptisms in Anjoma this week so that was way cool. It was way cool cause they don't have a baptismal font so we had to do the baptisms in a river. It was a 8 KM or 5 mile hike up to the river so it took us about an hour. It was SOOO cool. 

Right now I'm in Tana for transfers. I'm going to a city called Fort Dauphin. If you wanna see heaven on earth look it up online. Seriously it's the coolest place in Madagascar you can go and everyone wants to go. My new companion's name is Elder Lebereko. He's from South Africa. I still haven't met him yet cause I'm catching a plane tomorrow at 12:00. 

Anyways that's it for this week. 

Love you all


  1. Fort Dauphin looks incredibly beautiful but still has poor living conditions for the locals. You should take pictures of the homes that are there - let me know if there are any wealthy areas. Stay safe!! Love you. Chantel

  2. Wow!! Looks like you're in for a real treat. Baptisms in a river? How awesome! You are sure having some memorable experiences. NO MORE EARTHQUAKES THOUGH!