30 January 2017


Well to kick things off I've been sick litterally all week. Yesterday was the first day that I was able to get back to work. Apparently I got like a stomache infection or something. Anyways it's all better now so don't worry. 

Well apparently the Internet got cut in the whole country of Madagascar for the major Internet provider which is Telma. Fort Dauphin mostly uses Orange though so it's all chill.  Don't worry, we still have Internet. 

This week the branches were split down here so we now have three branches which is super cool. Seeing the growth of the Church is amazing. We had a district conference yesterday with about 350 people that came. It's pretty crazy that in a small city like Fort D there's able to be such a big group of such strong saints. 

Other than that, just another uneventful week. Sorry about that but I'm not sick anymore so hopefully things'll pick up again. 

Love you all.

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