13 February 2017

Duncan in the Oceannnnn

Well I'll start off by saying this week was ballin'. 
First off I SAW A LEMUR. We went to a nature reserve down here and when we got there we walk into this big open field with a few trees. Then the guide that we are with just yells MAKI (which is a type of lemur in malagasy) and we see like 20 lemurs start booking it out of the forest cause they know they're about to get hooked up with some good bananas. The guy just gives us some bananas and we start feeding the lemurs and petting them. They're seriously the coolest animals in the world.  

After that the rest of the week was pretty normal. We taught a bunch of good lessons. We've got some way cool investagators and stuff. But the coolest part of this week was that we got to do baptisms in the OCEAN. Me and Lebereko had 2 baptisms to do this week and there were some other people too, but the font wouldn't fill up so we went to the next best thing, the ocean. The people we baptized's names are Jacques Tsony and Alfonine Lalao. They're married and have a daughter who is married to a member. They're way cool people. The guy is way smart and has already read like the whole Gospel Principals book. Another couple should've gotten baptized, but they are getting married on Wednesday so they'll be getting baptized in 2 weeks. I get to go to a wedding so that's pretty chill too. 

But yeah way cool week. Love you and miss you all.


  1. These are the best pictures ever! Sure love you Hayden.

  2. Oh, wow! I love these pictures. Tell your companion - no kissing on a mission :-) Love, Love, Love the baptism photo - the joy on her face is amazing!!!!!

  3. These pictures are incredible, and it's just so fun to hear about the experiences you are having. I love that you are bringing such light and joy to these people!