27 February 2017


Well it was a good run here at fort D... I got news that I'm leaving to head up to Tana. My new companions name is Elder Blatter. I'll be working in a place called Analamahitsy. I'm leaving becasue I've been having really bad migranes lately and they want to pull me closer to the president. It was a good six weeks though haha.

Anyways this week was pretty good. I wasn't able to work at all because of my head sooo... Nothing new really to report on. Joseph and Omega got baptized this week. I was able to do Omega's which was a way cool opportunity. These guys are such big ballers. 

Anyways that's it for this week. Hopefully next week I'm able to work so I can have a more interesting letter.

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  1. I'm SO sorry to hear that your migraines have been continuing! I will certainly pray that they get better SOON. I love these pictures, and I used your ocean baptism shot in my Gospel Doctrine lesson yesterday.